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Information and Communication Systems Course

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Information and Communication Systems Course

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is the backbone of industries that supports our 21st-century society and is continuing to play more significant roles. In this course, students learn broad and profound science and technologies, from hardware layers such as functional integrated circuits, sensors, and smart antennas, up to communication system, networks, and applications. Students are expected to contribute to industries of a variety of fields such as communications, broadcasting, electric devices, system development, medical welfare, transportation, ecology, energy, cargo, finance, insurance, or other related businesses after graduation.



Shuichi Ichikawa / Hideyuki Uehara / Masaya Tamura

Associate Professor

Keigo Takeuchi

Assistant Professor



Wireless Networks Laboratory

Wireless access controls, wireless multi-hop communications, sensor and ad-hoc networks, array signal processing

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Custom Computing Systems Laboratory

Special-purpose computing circuits, FPGA applications, computer security, parallel processing, high-performance computing, embedded systems

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Electromagnetic Wave Engineering Lab.

Underwater wireless power transmission, communication for high-frequency filters, battery-less sensor systems

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Communications and Signal Processing Laboratory

Massive MIMO, compressed sensing, belief propagation, spatial modulation, energy efficiency, multiuser decoding, spatial coupling

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