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Electrical Systems Course

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Electrical Systems Course

Students learn fundamental knowledge and technologies of generation, transportation, control, storages, measurements, and applications of electrical energy, based on understanding the importance of electrical energy for a sustainable evolving society. Students trained in this course will perform important roles as engineers and researchers in the various industrial fields including environment and energy, electrical and electronics, traffic and communications, materials and nanotechnology, machine and mechatronics, biology, medical care, primary, and tertiary industries.



Naohiro Hozumi / Hirofumi Takikawa / Ryoji Inada

Associate Professor

Yoshinobu Murakami


Toru Harigai

Assistant Professor

Tomohiro Kawashima / Takahiro Bando


Laboratory for Measurement and Diagnostic System on Dielectric and Electrical Insulation Phenomenon

Measurement and diagnosis for dielectric and electrical insulation phenomena, electrical breakdown, conduction current, space charge, electrical tree, flashover, functional insulating material

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Clean Energy Conversion Laboratory

Lithium-ion batteries, multivalent ion batteries, all-solid-state batteries, battery materials, measurement

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Plasma Energy System Laboratory

Vacuum plasma, atmospheric-pressure plasma, diamond-like carbon, eco-energy, nanocarbon, energy devices

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