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From Chubu International Airport to Toyohashi

Take any Meitetsu trains from the airport, and change trains at “Jingu-mae” to Toyohashi. About20-30 minutes from Airport to Jingu-mae, and 50 minutes from Jingu-mae to Toyohashi. By train to Toyohashi station

  • From Nagoya:
    Meitetsu train, JR train or Shinkansen are available. It takes about 50 minutes from Nagoya to Toyohashi by Meitetsu or JR train, and 25 minutes by Shinkansen.
  • From Tokyo:
    Shinkansen Hikari super express runs every two hours, takes 1h30 to Toyohashi station. Shinkansen Kodama runs every 30 minutes, and it takes about 2h15. Coarches are also available from Tokyo (Shinjuku) to Toyohashi.
  • From Osaka:
    Take Nozomi super express to Nagoya, then change to Kodama or Hikari, or local trains. It takes about 80-120 minutes total.

From Toyohashi station to the campus

Toyotetsu bus runs from Toyohashi station to the campus every 10-20 minutes from 7am to 8pm. Take the bus destination “Gikadai-mae,” “Rispa Toyohashi,” or “Fukushi-mura” from the bus stop No. 2 at Toyohashi station, east exit.

By road to the campus Tomei Express Way:

Exit at Toyokawa IC toward Toyohashi city center (Route 151 and Route 1). From Toyohashi city center, take the route 259 and 405. It takes approximately 20 minutes. Route 23 (Toyohashi Bypass) from Nagoya: Exit at Nanane IC, and turn left (take the route 405). TUT campus is just by the route.