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Integrated Electronics Course

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Integrated Electronics Course

The campus, ‘LSI factory’, which provides a great opportunity to fabricate in-house integrated-circuit based devices, helps students acquire fundamental knowledge and techniques on semiconductor devices, CMOS, MEMS, analog circuits, optoelectronics, micro- and nano-scale sensors, and their interdisciplinary applications. Through the course program, our students become highly-skilled engineers and researchers who are acknowledged for their contributions to a wide range of fields including the semiconductor industry, information technology, robot, bio, and medical research.



Kazuaki Sawada / Yasuhiko Ishikawa  /  Satoshi Fujii /  Hiroshi Okada※1 / Takeshi Kawano※2 / Kazuhiro Takahashi※2

Associate Professor

Hiroto Sekiguchi  / Toshihiko Noda※2  

Assistant Professor

Keisuke Yamane / Choi, Yong-Joon / Piedra Lorenzana Jose Alberto 

Research Associate


※1: Institute of Liberal Arts and Science

※2: Electronics-Inspired Interdisciplinary Research Institute (EIIRIS)


Integrated Circuit Group

Smart sensors, high-performance sensors, CMOS, MEMS/NEMS, RF devices, nanodevices, agricultural sensors, biosensors, gas sensors, neural interfaces, nanophotonics, silicon, Al2O3, ferroelectric thin films

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Opto-Electronic Group

Micro-display, solar cell, thermal stable LD, crystal growth (III-V-N on Si, GaN), OEIC

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Advanced Electronic Device Laboratory

Electron device, compound semiconductor, GaN, harsh environment electronics, power electronics, nano materials

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